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Kawika Technologies, founded in 2015, adopts best industry practices

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We are Creative

Kawika Technologies, founded in 2015, adopts best industry practices

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We Are Hard-Working

Kawika Technologies, founded in 2015, adopts best industry practices

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Empowering your business and efforts. We help you in a simple yet powerful way. Let the world know You!

We Are Friendly
We Are Creative
We Are Hard-Working

Kawika Technologies, founded in 2015, adopts best industry practices and incorporates proven strategies to enhance your business. Headquartered in S. S. Plaza at Sreekariyam, Trivandrum, the capital city of “gods own country”, kerala, India, the company is committed to the principles of ethical behavior and high standards. We demonstrate highest levels of quality, professionalism and service reliability in every endeavor that intakes. The right technology is the right fuel that drives and regulates your organization towards progress. As your business environment reforms, your organization faces the necessity to invent different operational models. Such developments typically bring along scores of diverse business and technology challenges. The right it tools gives you the power to react rapidly to the ever-changing business scenarios. In a hyper-competitive and saturated marketplace, the ability to take quick and accurate decisions is the key to success. We, kawika technologies will help you to achieve the same.


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Kawika technologies has been building successful on-line operations for large and small business’ nationwide. Each of our custom website designers is unique and designed for commercial success. Having a website is the first step towards a promising future. A website enables you to reach the end users no matter where they are; it increases boundaries from a few kilometers to the entire world. We have been providing website services for years, and now it is more like a playground than a job. Our fundamental goal is to assist our client in achieving success on-line.



Web development is a term that relates to any activity concerned with creating a website. Some of these tasks include usability, information architecture, accessibility, programming, coding, web design, content development, and web server configuration. We have been recognized as one of the best web application developers in the industry. We gained the national level reputation as a web application and development company with a staff of professional web designers and e-commerce application developers.


Web Site Maintenance & Hosting

Web hosting was quite simple in the beginning, but it has now become more diverse. It has so many different solutions and packages that one need to master it to make good use of it. The advent of audio-visual applications has added significant freedom of entertainment to web hosting world. We offer fast, secure, and reliable hosting that grows with your business.


Web Content Development & Visibility Management

Having a website is just like owning a shop where people can visit and know about your products and services. The next step is to find a way to attract the clients. This can be done in any number of ways including traditional marketing, online advertising,social marketing strategies, or natural search engine optimization (seo). Search engine optimization (seo) is the process that spreads the word on the internet about your website based on your services and products. In simple words, it is an online marketing technique.


Web Marketing

For extremely heavy marketing measures, a host of technology tools is used to analyze the market and consult for the formation of different strategies to market products and services on the internet. These tools enable us to find domains where our target crowd is present and then through focused measures we can reach our crowd in an economical way.

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Why Kawika Technologies Has A Distinctive Methodology To Help Clients Determine A Comprehensive Approach To Infrastructure Security, Thus Increasing The Protection For An Asset That Plays A Key Role In Enabling High Performance. With The Help Of Kawika Technologies Infrastructure Security Services, Businesses And Governments Can:

Improve monitoring effectiveness and efficiency.

Reduce operational costs associated with security incidents.

Enhance the chain of custody and compliance with regulations and standards.

Provide a feasible and workable approach to ensure security in a multi connected network environment.

Enhance security capabilities.

Manage data security and digital rights by controlling access to, and usage of, sensitive data.

How We Work


Inspired by my four-year-old-creativity, I reply, “The little girl who lived here before. Here are some of the topics we might discuss

Creative Ideas

Hey dreamers ! Today i found some DIY creative ideas just for you, which they can be useful and fun at the same time to do it yourself.


In software development, a prototype is a rudimentary working model of a product or information system, usually built for demonstration purposes.

Ready Project

What do you need to for a web design project / create a website - helpful info about domain name, hosting and about website choices.


What We Do

Our team of graphic designers, developers, copywriters and marketers work ...


Our stunning websites, bring life to your brands and transform your dreams to reality.


Small screens, amazing potential. Digital experiences for modern platforms.a


Upgrade the way you sell your products /services and get a global exposure.


Kawika technologies develop custom online application to manage your day...

Design & User Experience

The way you present your products and services online can make of break...

Social Media Marketing

Is your business going viral? If not we have tips to make it happen. Likes or Share...

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